March 2016

Dear Client,

February was another quiet month.  Minor upgrades to software applications, nothing more.

Last month I talked about some of the features of the mail server that are often overlooked.  This month I will cover administrative tasks you can do yourself when logged in to the mail server.

One thing we encourage is to log in and check the Spam Folder at least weekly.  At times legitimate mail gets flagged as potential spam and routed to the spam folder. If you have any emails in it, it will look like this:

Click on the Junk Email folder and you can see the contents in it.  If one is NOT spam, click on Actions…Mark…Not Spam.  That moves it to the Inbox, and trains the mail server that similar looking emails are ok.  Did you also know the mail server has a built-in calendar and Task management system?  It can also store independent notes and categorize them via a list of categories you create. 

On a personal note, I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleanup activity lately.  Garden is doing quite well; carrots and beets are ready, as is the kale, scallions, cabbage and lettuce.  Took 2 heads of cabbage and sliced it and am turning it into sauerkraut.  That should be ready in a few weeks.


Ben Conner