April 2016

Dear Client,

About a week ago we had a critical piece of software fail in one of our servers.  We transitioned everything to a backup server and were back up in a few minutes, giving us time to repair the main server.  Everything is back to normal now.

Our servers have been in a colocation facility for several months.  We are finally bringing them back to our office on 4/2.  We don’t anticipate any issues with the move.  You shouldn’t see any differences, nor will there be any missing email.  Please let us know if you notice anything that isn’t consistent with what you’ve been experiencing with our servers.

In the Phoenix area, now is the time for gardens.  We’ve had excellent results with carrots and other vegetables, and not only did we notice, so did a pair of rats.  Yuk.  Just trapped the second one last night but not before they plowed through the carrots.  For some reason, we just aren’t as enthused about eating left-overs from the critters.

To take care of the other bugs, we finally welcomed two new members to our household.  They are a bit young to be taking support calls just yet:

Harlie and Rose


We have them in a big box for another week or so.  That will give me time to build a coop.  Sad to say, our dog still has no clue they are here.  She just knows this big box is making weird noises and wants nothing to do with it.  Poor thing.



Ben Conner