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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

How to setup Microsoft Outlook 97
  1. Control Panel Part I: Add / Remove Programs
  1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Make sure you have your Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0, and Office 97 CD-ROMs handy
  3. Go to Add/Remove Programs
  4. Click on the Windows Setup tab
  5. Check Windows Messaging on.
  6. If and when it asks to set up services for Microsoft Exchange do the following:

    It will ask if you have used Exchange before, click yes

    It will ask if you want to manually or automatically configure, choose manual

    It will ask for a Profile Name--type in your name

    A separate tabbed dialog box will appear listing services to install. Leave it blank and click OK.

    Click finish

  1. Microsoft Office setup.
  1. Insert Office CD-ROM
  2. Go to My Computer
  3. Go to CD-ROM drive
  4. Double click on Setup.exe
  5. Click on Add/Remove (If this does not appear, you have a bad Office configuration. Reinstall Office)
  6. Click on Microsoft Word, then Change Option
  7. Make sure that WordMail in Exchange is checked on. Click OK
  8. Click on Microsoft Outlook, then Change Option
  9. Make sure that Microsoft Exchange Server Support is checked off. Click OK.
  1. Control Panel: Part II: Mail and Fax
  1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Double click on Mail and Fax
  3. Click on Add…
  4. Click on Internet Mail
  5. Full name should have your name
  6. Email address: yourname@webworldinc.com
  7. Internet Mail server: pop3.webworldinc.com
  8. Account name: yourname
  9. Password: password
  10. Click on Advanced Options
  11. Forward all outgoing mail: smtp.webworldinc.com. Click OK
  12. Click on Connection tab.
  13. Make sure that appropriate connection is used, typically the dial up networking
  1. Outlook 97
  1. On the desktop, there should be an Outlook icon. Double click
  2. If you get a dialog box which says choose profile, click on options, check on "set as default profile". Click OK
  3. When Outlook starts up, click on Tools, Options
  4. Click on the Email tab, make sure that Internet Mail is checked on
  5. Make sure that Uses Microsoft Word as the email editor is checked on
  6. Just below File is a button and a pull down list. Click on the pull down list and select Mail Message.
  7. Write your message, and click send (Note this puts it into the send queue)
  8. Click on F5 to send mail and to check for new mail
  1. Control Panel: Part III: Internet
  1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Double click on the Internet
  3. Click on the Programs tab
  4. In the mail pull down list box, choose Microsoft Outlook, Click OK
  1. Internet Explorer
  1. Start up Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Mail, choose New Message
  3. If you get a dialog box which says choose profile, click on options, check on "set as default profile". Click OK
  4. Type your message
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