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Support Assistant:

Webworld : (Download 165K, webworld.exe file) If you are having trouble with your computer but can still get online, this will allow us to see your computer so we can quickly diagnose what the issue is. It allows us to see and control your computer under your supervision. If you need our help for specifics on your computer, give us a call after you download this copy.

Spam Blockers:

POPFile : (Link to Popfile site) Proxy email/spam identification tool.  Uses statistical evaluation based on your instructing it on what spam 'looks like'.  You then tell your email program to move it to a folder and/or delete it.  Very effective.  Documentation is at  

Software Updates:

Ad-Aware: (Download  877K, Self-installing exe file) This program removes the "spyware" programs installed by Doubleclick and others to monitor your use of the Internet.  Go to for full details.

Misc. Programs:

ZoneAlarm.exe : (Link to ZoneLabs download page) Personal firewall product that protects individual PCs from hacking attempts.  Free for non-commercial use.

E-mail programs:

Thunderbird : (Link to Thunderbird download page) Email program that has spam filtering. Excellent and safe alternative to Microsoft products.

Web Browsers:

Firefox: (Link to Firefox download page) Outstanding web browser that has none of the inherent security risks that Internet Explorer has.

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